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APRS Weather Stations

Weather Stations.

This was my weather station setup at Paraburdoo during the 4 and a bit years that I lived there the first time around.

The weather station (WX) is an Argent Data Systems: Opentracker version W1 or ADS-WS1 weather station.

Information on the ADS-WS1 can be found here.

I have the WX running off a battery bank and a solar panel and solar controller mounted on my back shed.

The rain gauge is mounted on the side of the shed and also the antenna for the Puxing 777 handheld radio that I’m using.

100 1129

The wind vane and anemometer are mounted about 2.8 meters above the shed on a 4 meter pole, as I have a few trees about the yard I needed to get a bit of height to get clean air.

Even at this height It looks like I’ll have to move the wind vane and anemometer to the other side of the shed or even the other side of the yard away from the trees.

One problem that I had found was the local Cockatoos seem to like chewing on the cable.

This was the WS1 weather station controller and the Puxing 777 radio for the weather station.

This is setup as a test rig and the finished product will be placed into a Stevenson Screen as shown below.

100 1131
100 1132 This is the solar controller that manages the batteries for the weather station. It is housed in a recycled UPS (uninterruptible power supply) case. It has a 240v inlet socket on the back and I’m thinking that I’ll get a small SLA (sealed lead acid) battery charger so if the system needs a top up or the panel fails I can switch in the charger and turn off the solar panel.

This is the new control box for the Weather Station.

The enclosure was from eBay for the princely sum of $180.00. It's a lot for an enclosure but as it will be outside in the open, it needs to be water and dust proof.

I’ve mounted the solar controller onto the door for better access. And I've also added a fuse box under the solar controller.

I have added a fuse box under the solar controller to make the setup safer.

pic 0104 032
pic 0104 037

The Puxing 777 hand held radio, batteries and solar charger / load controller fit nicely into this box.

When I get the Stevenson Screen, this box will be mounted under the southern side to help keep it out of direct sunlight

Not been a woodworker, or having the patience to try, I have found a company in Victoria the makes Stevenson screens

Ozanam Enterprises 59-61 Yuilles Road,

Mornington, VIC 3931

T: 03 5975 5341 F: 03 5975 9640


The Stevenson screen is handmade and can be delivered (at a cost) and looks very well made.

This is from there website:

 "Australia’s premier manufacturer of quality timber Stevenson Screens that shield meteorological instruments against precipitation and direct heat radiation from outside sources, while still allowing air to circulate freely around them. Contact Ozanam Enterprises for an Obligation Free quote on your requirements."

I was quoted $568.70 + GST And $90.00 + GST for delivery to the Perth metro area in July 2012.

Information on the ADS-WS1 can be found here at Argent Data.

It will be setup in the Stevenson Screen to the left with a solar panel mounted on the top and a battery/ controller box underneath.

I have purchased two of these Stevenson Screens and the new price that I paid was $1136.40 + GST $1250 each. Not a cheap option but in my opinion well worthwhile.


stevenson screen28229

stevenson screen28228

 A few photos of the Woodanilling Weather Station. 


20140916 105837

 20140916 105908

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