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MicroBee Computer-In-A-Book

Microbee 128k Computer-In-A-Book


This was one of most popular Microbee Models ever.

Microbee computers & they'll mention the Computer-In-A-Book.

This was the first Microbee model to come out with a 3.5" disk drive and the packaging of the drive to make it look like something that sits on a bookshelf made it quite unique.

This unit has been fully refurbished and is working well.
The keyboard has all keys working (some were replaced), the disk controller has been
calibrated, and the power supply (in the disk drive that runs the computer as well) has been
re-capped & tested.
This is the back of the diskdrive unit and houses the power supply for both the diskdrive and the computer.

Cosmetically, the case has some yellowing, as does the key tops. 
The cases on the keyboard and disk drive are very good, with only minor scuff marks.

These units are getting very hard to find in this condition and are in demand from a
growing retro-computing community.

The Keyboard / Computer - This is actually a 128k machine (rather than 64k)
The Disk Drive - Single Sided 80 track drive - 390K per disk with standard Microbee format.
Power / Video / Cassette (5 pin Din) lead
IEC A.C. Power cord
A Boot Disk.